Branding & Print

Presentation Template HHFK

Presentation template – Hyundai Help for Kids

Design of Powerpoint presentation template with various layouts to accommodate internal monthly bulletin according to supplied corporate HHFK branding style guide.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo design for a holiday accommodation near Newcastle. The logo is still being used on their website.

Salary Survey – Report

Salary Survey – Report

Front page illustration and preparation of the report in InDesign such as combining data results, creating a table of contents and implementing a colour coded interactive menu that allows the viewer to easily jump between sections within the final PDF. Distributed amongst creative agencies, this report conducted by the ACA provides important salary guidelines, more info here.

Print – Member Report 2018

Member Report for the Communications Council 2018

Design for the annual printed member report for The Communications Council, an industry body for the advertising industry. The report was distributed to over 140 member agencies and also published online.

Print Design

Working for The Communications Council I designed the entire report, including the cover artwork. I also took some of the photographs that are included in the report. A copy of the full report can be viewed online here.

Print Design
Print Design

Real Estate – Signage & brochures

Corbis Real Estate Signage & brochures

DL Flyer

A4 Brochure

Outdoor signage

Event – Think Long

Event – Short Talks on Creative Longevity

Flyer Handout

Social Media

Event banner – BOBT 2019

Event banner Illustration for the Battle of Big Thinking 2019

The design was used on various platforms, such as Social, on the Vivid website and EDM’s.

Event Banner
Social Media
Presentation slides

Web, print and video – Workwear

Designs for web, print and video – Workwear store

Website sliders

Newsletters and flyers

Product illustration and web design

Custom Sportswear: How to video

IPA – brochures & more

Print, web & video – IPA

Designs for the IPA (International Practitioners in Advertising) courses in Australia.

Course brochures

Banners for Social, Web & Edm’s

Speaker booklets

Industry Interview – Creative Leadership

Logo Design

Logo Design for HazzadFab Offroad Components