Web header animation for AMCS

Website header animation for AMCS art competition

The project aims to redefine perspectives around sharks and encourage protection for endangered species. Users are encouraged to participate in an art competition https://sharkchampions.org.au/fantastical-sharks-and-rays/

Working together with the web development team and retouching department, I had the honour of animating this beautifully designed header image for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The idea was to capture the magic and beauty of the ocean by adding subtle movement such as incorporating bioluminescence, sun rays, and adding a gentle motion to the shark and ray.

Using Photoshop I created separate layers of the ocean animals so these could be animated in After Effects. In addition I experimented with various particle settings and plugins in order to achieve the desired effect for the bioluminescence.


One of the challenges was to create a seamlessly looping file that was short and compact in size for web publishing. The background had to be supplied as a separate layer and needed to be flexible around the edges to allow cropping for different screen desktop and mobile screen sizes.