FruitPorn – Featured



Medium: Social
Client: OzHarvest
Product: Fight Food Waste
Proposition: “Ugly food can be beautiful.”


Catalogues with beautiful pictures of perfect produce is the norm, and everything that isn’t up to scratch gets ignored. We want to grab people’s attention and get them to notice things that normally get overlooked. So let’s use the one thing that is always on our minds: Sex.


Position ugly fruit as sexy: FruitPorn

How it works

1. Submissions:
FruitPornWe encourage people to go out and hunt for the most suggestive piece of produce. They can submit their photos on Instagram or Facebook. For the winners, there will be $100 vouchers up for grabs from Harris Farm. 

2. Posts:
The submitted pictures get posted on Facebook and Instagram. Voted will be according to what picture has the most likes/reactions.