Art Direction

Art Direction

I have a passion for innovative ideas and clever ads. In 2018, I took part in Award School followed by Young Glory. My achievements include two pieces featured on the wall at the exhibition, while my work for Youngglory earned 2 silver, 1 bronze and 3 finalist badges. Together with my copywriting partner we came 4th in the global rankings at the end of the competition.

About Award School

What is Award School? A crash course in creative advertising. It is teaching creative thinking and how to come up with good ads. Without the need for a polished execution, it is focussing on the idea itself. Layouts are required to be submitted in line drawings only. The course runs for 12 weeks, with weekly in-house tutoring at recognised advertising agencies in Australia. During the course, we work on 10 briefs targeting different media. For each brief, I would come up with as many ideas as possible and select the best for a final portfolio.

About Young Glory

What is Young Glory? It is an international competition for upcoming creatives in the advertising industry. Over 8 months, creatives work on 8 briefs given from 8 big name judges. Students and professionals enter in separate categories, and enter as single or team to win Gold, Silver, Bronze or Finalist accolades for each brief. There is an infinite number of submissions allowed in response to each brief. I entered the competition in 2018 teaming up with a Copywriter, and myself as Art Director [student category]. We participated in all 8 rounds and submitted a total of 32 entries.